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Blueye has delivered technology across a vast range of customer applications ranging from dam inspections, aquaculture, ship inspections, law enforcement, wastewater & drinking water management, marine surveillance, tourism and education (to mention some). Coming from Norway serving our home market has been the focus area. Still, we are fortunate to have clients in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Q / How deep can the ROV dive?

A / The ROV can dive down to 305m (1000feet) but can be custom-built to handle dives down to 500m. We have done it for some of our customers. It’s pressure tested to handle frequent deep dives.

Q / How is the ROV operated?

A / The ROV is connected to the surface unit with a light and robust tether. The ROV is operated by connecting it to the Blueye App on iOS or Android and is controlled using an Xbox controller. The ROV can also be operated with touchscreen. Blueye Observer App allows multiple people to connect to the drone and view the video stream simultaneously. Most of the time, people see ROVs diving for the first time during our meeting.

Q. What camera is on the ROV?

A /  The camera on ROV is Light sensitive full HD 1080p/30fps, wide angle lens. Read more about the Blueye cameras.

Q:  What current can it handle?

A / Blueye ROV is designed for diving under challenging conditions. Operational in up to 2 knots current. But by integrating DVL to the Blueye X3, it is possible to lock the ROVs position in the water making it much easier to perform inspections in strong currents.

Q /  Is it easy to perform maintenance and service?

A / Our ROVs are built to last, and we rarely have to perform service on the 1000+ units out in the market. We have also created the Blueye Help Center, where you can find support articles, FAQs, video tutorials, and illustrated guides to help you perform self-service and solve issues independently. Clean it in freshwater once you are done diving in salt water.

Q / What is the dive time using the Blueye smart battery?

A /  Diving for up to 2 hours is possible using the current battery. We are also working on a high-capacity battery with a dive time of up to 5 hours.

Q / How long is the tether?

A / The tether or cable with the drone in a standard package is 150m long. But you can order a 75m or 250m tether based on your use case. Upon request, we also make tethers that are 500m long.

Professional underwater ROVs designed, developed, produced, and serviced in Norway. Reliable and user-friendly underwater technology for frictionless access to what’s below the surface.