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The DEEPSEA MGZN is dedicated to bringing our viewers stories Made Under Pressure™ and experiences from the world of science, history, dive medicine, survival, geography, and aerospace engineering. The DeepSea Locker™ has become a global name brand for aquanauts, astronauts, military divers, commercial diving industry, dive medicine and pioneers in ocean exploration.

The DeepSea Magazine™️ features smart, thoughtful videos, podcasts, and classes from your favorite creators. A place for experimentation and exploration, with exclusive originals, bonus content with today’s scientific explorers!

Advisory team

The DeepSea Advisory Team is a brain trust of diving experts who provide invaluable guidance on the magazine's content. This esteemed group includes hyperbaric specialists, master divers, aquanauts, and scientists, offering a well-rounded perspective across all diving disciplines. Their expertise lends credibility to the magazine's content, making it a trusted resource for divers.  With the collective's diverse backgrounds ensure the magazine covers a wide range of diving topics, from scientific exploration to technical diving to recreational dives. By working hand-in-hand with the editorial team, the Advisory Board helps DeepSea Magazine maintain its consistancy and provide an informative source for all things diving.

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